Tree Damage

After a high wind event or even a heavy thunderstorm, trees and tree branches can fall on top of a roof and cause damage to your commercial roof. Punctured membrane, heavy scratches in the membrane as they blow across the roof, clogged drains from tree debris can all damage your roof. To avoid this damage simply keep all trees cut back away from your roof and it is always best to make sure that the landscaping is a safe distance from your roof to prevent damage.

Several times every year we show up for a Smartinspect Roof Survey and find tree limbs that have grown onto the roof and are pushing on the membrane and create a “Sandpaper Effect” on the membrane as the wind blows the tree limbs back and forth on the roof. It doesn’t take long for this process to completely destroy the roof where the tree limbs are touching the roof.

The most common damage we see on a flat or metal roof is from falling leaves and pine needles. They will very quickly clog up your roof drains, scuppers, and gutters and create ponding water on your roof. Therefore semi-annual inspections are so important.

At Elite Roof Systems we are highly trained in commercial roof damage and offer the highest quality repair methods available. Whether you need roof repairs or a simple clean up, Call today to schedule your free roof inspection.