Potential Damage Caused by a Commercial Roof Leak

A roof can leak for days, weeks, or even months before it is noticed inside the building; causing severe damage to your roofs insulation, membrane, roof substrate, and interior damage. A roof can absorb as much as 50-gallon of water before the insulation becomes saturated enough to finally leak inside the building. When water penetrates through the roof membrane it will begin to saturate and spread through the insulation.

Each year commercial business owners and managers spend literally billions of dollars to repair damages caused by leaks in the flat roofs covering their commercial facilities. The most common damages that we see daily caused by leaky roofs are:

  • Wet insulation: once insulation becomes wet and saturated it is no longer effective, which leads to higher energy costs. Wet insulation will collapse from the weight of the roof on top of it creating a large pond situation on top of the membrane.
  • Electrical System: If water gets into the electrical system that can lead to catastrophic damages and even fire. Water damaged electrical equipment is extremely costly….way more money than a roof repair to prevent the problem!
  • Production Equipment: If your roof leaks onto your production equipment it can also cause severe damage and massive expenditures for equipment repairs.
    Food Processing: If you are in the food manufacturing business you know that even a drop of water on the production line can cause you tens of thousands of dollars in lost product and down time until the leaks re repaired.

  • Steel Roof Decking: Steel roof decking will begin to rust and rot out. This is all too common when we inspect roofing systems with our [smartinspect] roof survey.
  • Concrete Roof Decking: Concrete decking will begin to deteriorate rapidly. Concrete is not waterproof, and water will penetrate through concrete. If that water is trapped during the winter months in the concrete and freezes it can cause severe damage to your concrete roof deck. Think about the damage to your sidewalk, parking lot, or driveway after a long hard winter. Notice how the concrete always looked crumbled and damaged by the time Spring arrives. The city municipalities spend millions in concrete repair each year for he same issues you will experience should your roof leak into your concrete deck and freeze in the winter.
  • Roof Membrane: Your roof membrane will begin to deteriorate rapidly if a roof leak is left unrepaired. Commercial roofing membranes are not designed for ponding water or to have water trapped on the underside of them. Membrane repairs can be very costly if not repaired soon.

At Elite Roof Systems we are highly trained in commercial roof leak detection and offer the highest quality repair methods available. Call today to schedule your [smartinspect] roof survey to identify potential leaks before they happen.