Ponding Water

The Effects of Ponding Water

What is ponding water – an accumulation of water that settles on the roof for more than 48 hours without draining or evaporating. What’s wrong with a little water on the roof – it’s meant to get wet, isn’t it? It may seem like a small amount of water, but it can quickly have disastrous effects on your commercial roof. Commercial roofing materials are designed to shed rain water but are NOT designed to withstand ponding water for long periods of time. Ponding water will rapidly deteriorate your roofing membrane causing leaks and sagging, which in turn creates more ponding water. Your roof is suddenly bearing more weight thanks to the ponding water. After a while, the excessive ponding water can cause the roof to collapse. The larger the commercial building, the greater the risk of ponding water on the roof.

Most common reasons for ponding water:

  • Poor roof drainage design
  • Obstructed roof drainage
  • Poor design or structural defect issues
  • Saturated roof insulation caused by a roof leak left unrepaired
  • Compressed roof insulation caused by a roof leak
  • Drains and scuppers are located too high for water to drain
  • Poorly done repairs causing a hump near drains

Damaging effects of ponding water:

  • Rotted roofing membrane
  • Algae and vegetation growth
  • Buildup of dirt, debris, and contaminants
  • Deck deflections
  • Destruction of reflective coatings
  • Premature roof failure

It’s important to note that a roof warranty is voided if ponding water has occurred for longer than 48 hours and not repaired.

How can we fix your issues with ponding water? We can eliminate your standing water issues by adding roof drains, utilizing tapered roof insulation, or building up the ponding areas with a proprietary product designed for ponding water areas.