Moss Damage

Algae and Moss damage can be detrimental to your commercial roof and won’t start growing on your roof if the right environment for that growth doesn’t exist. The best way to determine if Moss or Algae has grown on your roof is to call us for a Smartinspect Roof Survey to determine if any damage is present on your roof due to Moss or Algae. If you perform semi-annual inspections this will prevent any problems from the growth of Moss or Algae. Moss and Algae are very slow to grow so 2 yearly inspections should take care of this problem.

If your roof already has Moss and Algae growing on it when we do the Smartinspect Roof Survey we will identify the problems and any roof deficiencies caused by the Moss and Algae growth and make recommendations to you with repair costs and budgets for your roof.

Eliminate the possibility of Moss Damage

The removal of Moss and Algae from your commercial flat roof is very important as Moss and Algae will damage your roofing membrane. Like ponding water damaging your roof, Moss and Algae only grow in wet and moist areas on the roof. This steady “Wet” area will rapidly deteriorate even the best roofing products.

Moss and Algae typically grow on the most northern sides of your roof where the sun doesn’t typically shine or behind a tall parapet wall shaded from the sun. Moss and Algae will also grow under tree limbs hanging over a roof. If rainfall doesn’t quickly drain from these areas it will only feed the Moss and Algae for further growth.

At Elite Roof Systems we are highly trained in commercial roof damage and offer the highest quality repair methods available. Whether you need roof repairs or a simple clean up, Call today to schedule your Smartinspect Roof Survey to identify potential problems and leaks before they happen.