Ice Damage

When the snow melts on your flat roof it can create ponding water. When this water refreezes during the overnight hours it creates a “Freeze-Thaw Cycle”, which can be damaging to your roof. When the water melts it can enter even the slightest opening in the roof’s membrane and then when it freezes the expansive forces from ice can severely damage your roofs membrane.

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If this Freeze-Thaw cycle is occurring at your roof drains or gutters the ice can quickly build up an prevent the roof from draining. The weight of a dry fresh snow can be a minimal weight/stress on your roof, however when that snow begins to melt and refreeze it can quickly ad up to 60lbs per cubic foot, which can damage the structure of your building and even cause roof collapse.

If you experience heavy snow you should call Elite Roof Systems to remove the snow from your roof drains, scuppers, and gutters to minimize this freeze-thaw cyclical damage.

At Elite Roof Systems we are highly trained in commercial roof damage and offer the highest quality repair methods available. Whether you need roof repairs or a simple clean up, Call today to schedule your Smartinspect Roof Survey to identify potential problems and leaks before they happen.