Hail Damage

With Commercial flat roofs it can be difficult to detect hail damage unless the hail is rather large (golf ball sized or larger; 2” plus in size). Many times it is hard to detect hail damage and the effects of hail damage until later.

Asphalt Built-Up Roofs: An asphalt build-up roof and a tar and gravel roof are the most difficult to determine hail damage. A sample must be taken after gravel has been swept off and cut out and sent to a forensics laboratory that specializes in hail damage to determine if the layers of the built-up asphalt roof have been damaged.

Modified Bitumen: A modified bitumen roof however is rather easy to see hail damage since the product is very similar to a modified asphalt shingle on a home. The damage will typically appear as a dark circular or star shaped pattern in the areas the hail impacts the membrane.

EPDM Rubber Roofs: EPDM rubber roofs are very hail resistant and the hail might not actually puncture a hole in the membrane but will most likely dimple or damage the insulation board under the membrane, which can cause water to begin to pond on the roof. If this occurs the repair method would be to remove the roof and replace it with new insulation and new membrane.

TPO & PVC Roofs: Depending on the size of the hail and the age of the roof a TPO/PVC roof can be difficult to detect if hail damage is present. Many times you won’t see damage on the surface of the membrane, but it will damage the bottom of the membrane and shatter the reinforcement in the middle of the membrane, which will allow water to enter the membrane and building making it extremely difficult to find roof leaks if they can’t be seen on the surface.

If you have experienced hail at your location regardless of the size you should call us to have a Smartinspect roof survey done to determine the damages if any to your roof. Our Smartinspect roof survey will identify any hail damage or other roof deficiencies in your roofing system. These areas will be identified, and a budget will be given to repair the items. If hail damage is present we will recommend that you contact your insurance agent. We are highly qualified to help you handle your insurance claim to make sure that you get what is owed to you if hail damage is present.