Roof Threats

There are 7 major threats to all commercial roofing systems. Below we will identify each of them, so you can understand how each will affect the life of your roof. During our Smartinspect roof survey we will identify each of these roof threats and how we can help you resolve the problems.

Ponding Water

Ponding water will rapidly deteriorate your roofing membrane causing leaks and sagging, which in turn creates more ponding water.

Hail Damage

With Commercial flat roofs it can be difficult to detect hail damage unless the hail is rather large (golf ball sized or larger; 2” plus in size).

Roof Leaks

A roof can leak for days, weeks, or even months; causing severe damage to your roofs insulation, membrane, roof substrate, and interior damage.

Wind Damage

Commercial roofs are designed to withstand high winds categorized as wind up to 65mph and some are designed to withstand up to 90mph winds.

Tree Damage

Punctured membrane, heavy scratches in the membrane as they blow across the roof, clogged drains from tree debris can all damage your roof.

Ice Damage

When snow melts on your flat roof it can create ponding water. When this water refreezes it creates a “Freeze-Thaw Cycle”, which can damage your roof.

Moss Damage

Moss and Algae can damage your commercial roof but won’t start growing on your roof is the right environment for that growth doesn’t exist.

If you are experiencing any of these “Roof Threats” or are unsure of your roof conditions please call us today and schedule a Smartinspect roof survey to determine the best repair methods and budgets for your commercial roof.