Metal Roof Restoration

Metal roofs are by far the most common roof type on all commercial and industrial building due to the inexpensive cost of construction of a metal building vs traditional concrete/steel construction design. Metal roofs come in multiple panel types:

  • R-Panel: This is the most common and least expensive to install. They have exposed fasteners with overlapping vertical seams every 36” and panel lengths are typically 30-40’ with horizontal seams fastened together. This roof panel is fastened directly to the Perlin system of the building.
  • Standing Seam: There are multiple standing seam panel types, which all operate on the same principal. They are considered a floating panel system meaning they have metal clips that fasten to the Perlin system of the building and the panel is locked in place with the metal clips and has a crimped seam to hold each panel in place. The vertical seams are virtually leak proof, however the horizontal seams are the main problems with this panel type and will easily leak. These are the 2 most common standing seam panel types:
  • a) MR-24 (Trapezoidal type): This is the most common standing seam panel type. They typically come in 24” panels that utilize a Pittsburgh 360° rolled vertical seam with sealant in the seam. These roofs have ribs that are approximately 3” tall ribs. Sometimes these panels are called “Trapezoidal panels” due to the shape of the ribs
  • b) Inverted J: These panels use an upside-down J shaped edge on the panels that lock into place. The individual panels are typically anywhere from 12-18” wide at each vertical seam.

Metal Roofs seldom wears out

They are simply damaged from lack of maintenance. Large commercial and industrial metal roofs experience extreme thermal shock during the year from all of the hot and cold temperature change. A metal roof will expand and contract drastically. This constant expansion and contraction will loosen the components of a metal roof. Weather erodes the thin protective finish, fasteners come loose, the rubber o-rings on the fasteners become brittle and deteriorated, and then they shrink leaving a void for water to penetrate inside the building. The result… is a leaky building and surface rust on the metal panels.

The Problem

  • Rust – Corrosion and rust occur when the protective coating or galvanization of the roof wears out and bare metal is exposed.
    Extreme Movement – Metal roofs see a huge temperature swing with the heat from the Sun and the cold winter temperatures. The panels can expand up to ¾”, which will cause severe damage to the components of the roof
  • Fasteners Leak – With the extreme expansion and contraction of the panels the fasteners will work loose and when that happens they will leak inside the building. The neoprene washers under the fasteners will deteriorate within 10 years of installation leaving them brittle and will allow water to leak in the building.
  • Flashing Leaks – Most metal roof leaks are caused by poor flashing design along penetrations and fasteners coming loose.
  • Seam Leaks – Many metal building are constructed using panels with exposed fasteners and seams, which leak.
  • Failed Temporary Repairs – Many times we find tar, silicone, house paint, and many other strange items on a metal roof where someone has tried to repair the leaks.  These items don’t work because they don’t bond and flex with the metal roof. Tar has no elongation and the roof is seldom cleaned properly prior to these repairs being made.

The Solution


  • Fluid Applied Coating System
  • Saves Energy
  • Save Money
  • Prevents Leaks
  • Extends the life of your Roof

Benefits of our metal roof restoration system

  • Tax Deductions: You may qualify a substantial tax deduction for having an energy efficient roof.
  • Energy Efficient: Our Metal Roof Restoration can cut your energy bills by as much as 20%.
  • No Capitalization: Can be expensed in one year instead of being capitalized.
  • ROI: Most building owners experience a 3-5-year payback for their Metal Roof Restoration in energy savings alone.
  • Affordable: The installed cost is 2-3 times less expensive than replacing the metal roof and the benefits for a Metal Roof Restoration far surpass replacing the metal roof. If you choose to replace the metal roof completely you still have seams and fasteners that will leak and rust.
  • Comfortable: Less radiant heat in the building increases the comfort of the building occupants, which leads to more productivity. Studies show an average of 12° lower inside temperatures with a Cool Roof.
  • Less HVAC Maintenance: Reduces wear and tear on your HVAC equipment since it runs less often.
  • Low Life Cycle Cost: Our Metal Roof Restoration has the lowest life cycle cost as compared to all other types of commercial roofing materials.
  • Strength: While lightweight, our coatings are very strong; since they are seamless the roof panels are bonded together and less likely to blow off in high wind situations.
  • Safe for Atmosphere: VOC Compliant – Contains no ozone depleting agents. Metal Roof Coatings are Considered a GREEN BUILDING PRODUCT
  • Sustainable: Provides a fully sustainable roofing system with a renewable warranty, allowing you to re-coat the roof rather than tearing it off; saving you money for years to come.
  • Seamless: Our Metal Roof Restoration is a seamless system. There are no seams or joints to allow water, heat or air to enter the building through the roofing system. Regardless of building size or shape there will be no seams.
  • No Fastener Leaks: Since our Metal Roof Restoration adheres tenaciously to the metal surface, the existing Fasteners will be encapsulated in sealant; therefore they won’t work loose, preventing roof leaks due to loose fasteners.
  • Lightweight: Our Metal Roof Restoration weighs approximately only 2.4 pounds per square foot making it an excellent choice for your metal roof.
  • Versatile: Our Metal Roof Restoration can be used on new roofs as well as re-roofing projects. It can be used on surfaces whether they are flat, pitched, domed, metal, wood, concrete, etc. It is an ideal system to protect galvanized and Kynar coated roofs, tanks, coolers, piping, ductwork, freezers, containment pits, etc.
  • Flexible: Our Metal Roof Restoration can withstand the strain of normal expansion and contraction of a structure without affecting the ability to remain adhered and sealed, protecting the structure from outside elements.
  • Long Life: Metal Roof Restorations have been around since the early 1950’s some of which are still performing today. Metal Roof Restorations are renewable. While other systems must be removed and replaced after their normal life expectancy (8-15 years), our restoration system only needs to be repaired and re-coated providing for many years of service.
  • Maintenance: A Maintenance Plan is available to our customers with one of our SmartMAINTENANCE Plans. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that all roofs have annual or semi-annual inspections performed regardless of age or condition.
  • Ease of Application: Our Metal Roof Restoration can be installed in a relatively short period of time with no disruption of building operations. This allows you to continue business as usual with no revenue loss.
  • Lowers Surface Temperature: On a 95° day a typical galvanized metal roof, black rubber roof, tar & gravel, or a modified bitumen roof can reach up to 190° at the surface. Many times we have seen a white reflective coating maintain less than 95° on the surface, which was close to the ambient temperature outside. The white coating is highly reflective and has a very low emissivity preventing radiant heat build-up and helps lower energy costs to the building owner.

Our Guarantee!!

If you can prove to us that replacing the metal roof will provide you the same 20 benefits as listed above, we will install your Metal Roof Restoration FREE OF CHARGE!

Simply put, replacing the metal roof will never outperform our Metal Roof Restoration System economically or physically; it is literally impossible.

Richard Tooley
Elite Roof Systems LLC