Energy efficient systems are a state of the art way to lower your power bills and even get tax credits. A modern roof does so much more than just protect your building from the effects of wind, rain, and snow. When properly installed, the right materials on your roof can drastically cut the amount of cool air you lose in the summer and warm air you lose in the winter. Depending on the size of your commercial roof, that could mean hundreds of dollars flowing out of the roof weekly, or even daily. The solution is simple: make us your roofing contractor right now and let us help you start saving money!

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Energy Efficient System Installation

Installing an energy efficient system might not sound like something you need to worry about. You come to work every day and get the job done, and as long as the roof is not leaking, there is no problem. What if you could lower your power bills and decrease the wear and tear on your HVAC system? An investment today pays for itself in no time. This is especially true if you choose a system that is eligible for a tax credit. Our energy efficient systems include:

  • Spray Foam Roofs
  • Cool Roof Coating
  • Spray Foam Insulation

Industrial Cool RoofingA spray foam roof can be used to seal your roof and to insulate it at the same time. If you spray as little as an extra inch onto the roof, the insulating value increases. A study at a major university showed that their investment into spray foam paid off in energy savings in a little over three years. This energy efficient system is eligible for federal tax credits as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. A cool roof coating is designed to reflect the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere. Rather than insulating, it lowers the overall temperature of the roof. It is considered an energy efficient system because it still decreases how hard your AC needs to work. When the sun is blazing during the summer, the effect of a cool roof will be obvious. We also offer spray foam insulation, too. While it is similar to the product we use on commercial roofing, it is not the same. It can be applied almost anywhere, and will bond to most surfaces. Common industrial metal walls where fiberglass insulation does not work are a great use of this energy efficient system. For more information, give us a call today!

We are a roofing contractor that handles every aspect of energy efficient systems. We have been helping our clients avoid leaks and keep power bills low for almost twenty years. Because we never subcontract labor, our work is always the highest quality you will find. Our internal quality control system ensures a job done right the first time. Your roof is a critical part of keeping your work going and your clients happy? Fill out our contact form and we will come out to give you a free estimate as soon as possible.

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